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Boxfit is a revolutionary gym/member management app built for fitness studios... and we can't wait to show you!

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Request Invite for your Gym

With Boxfit, it's simple and memorable for everyone to engage with one another. Let's bring how we view our results back to the community, where we all started.

Gym Problems, Solved

Managing your gym shouldn't take a lot of time; it should be fun! With Boxfit, it's simple. All of our features work together in one place to help the best gyms stay the best gyms.

Build Workouts

Improve how you program workouts using our intuitive drag and drop builder.

Achieve Together™

Less me, more we. Show results based on improvement, not just the heaviest lifter.

Daily Rollup

Monitor your gym's health & stay connected to whats happening at all times.

Create a Circuit

Workout with purpose & provide insight to members on why they are doing certain workouts.

Multiple Locations

Manage all your gym locations easily under one unified account.

Community & Discussion

Chat with fellow gym members, discuss workouts, and engage beyond the gym.


+ Many More...

This is just a sampling of what Boxfit has to offer, request access to stay in the know!


Designed & Built for All

We aren't building Boxfit to be a sandbox of features. Instead, we are focusing on the critical needs for gyms. These needs apply to the gym as much as the members. We are carefully considering every detail to create an essential tool for gyms without bloating that experience full of unnecessary features.

Your members' experience is critical to your success as a gym. We believe that all members deserve recognition, regardless of their skill or experience. This is core to everything we do at Boxfit. It's time for all to start achieving together.